Goode Rider Down Winter Parka - Black

Goode Rider

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A beautiful tailored down parka that is ideal for cold and snowy winter days! Find corset-like stitching at the waist that gives a stunning hourglass silhouette. A brand new coat from Goode Rider that is nothing like anything before!

  • Longer cut with vents at the back
  • Faux inside lining 
  • Removable hood
  • Pompom drawcord 
  • Fleece inside zip pockets for extra pocket space 
  • Neoprene sides for stretch and comfort 
  • Leather detail finishes 
  • Thumbhole storm cuffs keeping your hands warm

Down filled with Nylon, Poly/Spandex, Neoprene side

Item: 16156-1358

Color: Black