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Happ-E-Mare - 60 servings

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Got an irritable, anxious, stressed, always in heat, or hard to ride mare on your hands? Try this balancing herbal and vitamin E blend to turn things around. Works on moody mares, and geldings too!

Each dose contains natural herbs in a great-tasting proprietary blend of eleuthro, ashwagandha, raspberry leaf, chastetree berry, ginger, oregano, arginine, spirulina, MSM, boswellia and chia; added vitamins (2,024 IU vitamin E, 2 mg vitamin B6) and added minerals (560 mg magnesium oxide).

Gluten-free. Non-GMO/Certified herbicide-free (includes glyphosate). No artificial colors. Tested low carb, low in sugar, starch and fructan.

60 Day supply

Made by Equine Medical and Surgical Associates