Huntley Premium English Leather Spur Straps

Huntley Equestrian

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Huntley Equestrian Premium English Leather Spur straps are constructed of the finest English leather that offers strong, durable leather for everyday riding. Classically designed to be used for every day riding or competitions. The Huntley Spur straps offer double keepers, one fixed keeper to provide a neat and polished look across your riding boot. Stainless steel buckle closure for a secure hold and long lasting hardware. Each strap is 1/2" wide and has a tapered end that is easy to thread through most English spurs. The Huntley Equestrian Spur straps are constructed of the finest materials that will provide a secure, polished look.
Multiple Sizes available in 15" Inch Long, 18" Inch Long, and 20" Inch Long.
Color available in Black. Sold as a pair.