LubriSyn HA for Horses - Quart


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Whether you have an older horse that suffers from joint pain or you want to protect the joints of your competition athlete, LubriSynHA is the best and safest option on the market. 

LubriSynHA is vet-developed and family owned, started by Dr. Steven Allday, renowned veterinarian specializing in joint care. Dr. Allday sought to protect joints in a safer and less-invasive way than injections or harmful medications. LubriSynHA was his solution. An easy-to-use liquid is simply top-dressed on food once a day and results are seen in less than a week. LubriSynHA is also available with MSM, LubriSynHA Plus, for added joint support.

The quart size is a perfect way to try LubriSynHA. It provides a two-month supply to horses and even more for pets. The twin-neck bottle uses a simple squeeze system to push product into the chamber that is already measured out allowing for easy administration. Simply top-dress on food once a day for results in 7-14 days!