Dark Horse Chocolates - Gable Box

Harbor Sweets

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Inspired by the magic of the partnership between horse and rider, Harbor Sweets (based in Massachusetts) paired the finest ingredients with designs that capture the noble beauty of the horse in Dark Horse Chocolates. All hand-crafted in small batches including almond buttercrunch toffee, buttery caramel and peppermint crunch, covered with rich dark or smooth milk chocolate.

Sample any one of these delicious flavors, stocked at Triple Crown Tack Shop:

  • Dressage Classics: Classically elegant dressage horse floating across a background of almond buttercrunch toffee in dark chocolate (Gluten Free) (Contains: milk, soy and almonds)

  • Tallyho: Enjoy the call of the hunt crafted in solid milk chocolate (Gluten Free) (Contains milk and soy)

  • Peanut Butter Sea Biscuits: Creamy peanut butter on a thin biscuit with smooth milk chocolate (Contains: milk, soy, peanuts, and wheat) (Contains gluten)

  • Full Cry: An eager chase depicted in milk chocolate with almond buttercrunch toffee (Gluten Free) (Contains: milk, soy and almonds)

  • Grand Prix JumpersThe thrill of grand prix jumping depicted in dark chocolate covering creamy butter caramel (Gluten Free) (Contains milk and soy)

  • Fox Trot: The thrill of the hunt crafted in milk chocolate with creamy butter caramel(Gluten Free) (Contains milk and soy)

  • Peppermint PoniesOur sprightly pony combines dark sweet chocolate with the fresh taste of peppermint crunch (Gluten Free) (Contains milk and soy)