Roeckl Lite Summer Chester Riding Glove


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The Roeckl Roeck-Grip Lite Summer Chester black riding glove has the following features, making it perfect for hot weather:

  • Mesh back for warm weather comfort
  • Vesta Synthetic leather palm
  • Machine washable

Just as the ROECKL SPORTS Competence Team relies on this glove in national as well as international competitions, amateur riding enthusiasts can now do the same. Made from highly breathable, elastic and supple synthetic suede ROECK-GRIP®, this elegant riding glove fits like a second skin. At the same time, the exclusive material ensures excellent grip and tactility when handling the reins.

In order to guarantee the ideal fit, the Munich glove specialists use classical French glove sizes – every equestrian is sure to find the perfect glove to meet their needs. Furthermore, they also attach great importance to the manufacturing quality: The individual pieces are meticulously sewn together by hand with seam tolerances of max. 1 millimeter. The result: noticeably higher wear comfort. The characteristic fastener with the ROECKL hand logo and lettering perfectly secures the glove around the wrist.